Us vs. Them

We Offer We are a privately owned business certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration and the science of drying.
They Don't They are a franchise with no special certifications.
We Offer We are regularly called out to re-do failed remediation attempts by other companies.
They Don't They don’t treat the source, therefore, the mold returns.
We Offer We don’t just kill the mold, we remove it completely from your home.
They Don't They leave mold spores behind  that can still cause health problems.
We Offer We have never, ever, failed a clearance test.
They Don't They have been known to fail repeated clearance tests in the same home.
We Offer We use a powerful, natural process.
They Don't They use bleach and antimicrobial chemicals, harmful to the environment.
We Offer We make it safe for you to stay in your home while we work.
They Don't They make you leave for up to eight hours because of the risks.
We Offer We treat the moisture source so the mold will never return.
They Don't They cover up the mold without treating the cause.
We Offer We offer the longest warranty in the industry: 30 years.
They Don't They offer a 1 to 5-year warranty.
We Offer We have been a guest speaker to teach state licensing for mold assessors in NY state.
They Don't They get inspected by the very people Nu Life has helped teach.
We Offer We won’t take a job unless we can fix the moisture issue.
They Don't They remediate mold, while not fixing the moisture source, knowing mold will return.
We Offer We have never, ever been called back to rework a job.
They Don't They've come back two or three times to treat the same mold issue.
We Offer We are the most-referred company by realtors, home inspectors, NY Licensed Assessors.
They Don't They are preferred by home sellers who want a quick fix, knowing the mold will return for the new home owner.
We Offer Our employees are the highest paid in the industry.
They Don't Their employees are often inexperienced, minimally paid, and not invested in the work or your home.
We Offer We have won multiple Angie's List Super-Service awards.
They Don't They are not award-winning companies.
We Offer We are certified by the IICRC, National Association of Mold Professionals, Restoration Consultants, and Interactive Occupational Learning Centers.
They Don't They have NO certifications in water damage or restoration or the scinece of drying.

At NuLife, we know there are no differences between dead, dormant, and active mold (Center for Disease Control). The only way to ensure your home is safe is to completely eliminate all the mold AND correct the moisture sources.

NuLife Resources is simply the best choice for your home.

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Jim Samson

Nu Life took care of our attic and ventilation work. Jeff actually did a live video of the work in progress and explained everything!!! Pretty amazing.

- Jim Samson

The Bakers

NuLife Resources recently accomplished mold remediation in our home.  Jeff explained options and patiently detailed the procedures involved.  The work was done exactly as described and done exactly when it was promised.  Jordan and Anthony worked tirelessly with energy and enthusiasm, completing the work with such a high work ethic it was as if they were working on their home.  I not only would recommend NuLife, I wouldn’t use anyone else.

- The Bakers