Why We Do What We Do

NuLife Resources is passionate about providing a safe home for you and your family. This is our daughter.  During the first year of her life, she had 15 ear infections. It was the mold that lingered in her bedroom walls that made her ill. That revelation was the beginning of our over-20 year journey to become the best mold remediation company. Today, we offer safe, effective, and long-lasting mold removal that is guaranteed to last at least 30 years. Our philosophy has always been to treat your home or business like it is our own.

Our daughter Tela in breathing machine!
Our daughter Tela using a nebulizer for mold-related asthma
Tela two years later!
Tela four years later!

NuLife truly cares for your health and your home. We stand behind our work and above our competition. Contact NuLife Resources today.

Our Process

NuLife Resources is simply the best choice to remove mold from your home. By using cutting edge technology and completely natural processes, we eliminate the dangerous invader and guarantee it won’t come back. We’re not satisfied until we have discovered the cause of your moisture problem and dealt with it at the source.

Want to know even more? Here is our Five Step Process that ensures you’ll be enjoying your home for years to come.

Step 1: Provide for health and safety of all occupants and workers

Since we only use non-toxic treatments, our state of the art soda-blasting completely removes all mold and mildew without fear of chemicals. You can remain in your home while we are working! To further ensure your safety, we seal all entrances and exits, including HVAC systems, so no mold spores escape.

Step 2: Identify & eliminate the water source feeding the mold growth

Many companies remediate the mold, but since they don’t get to the source, they’re simply fighting the symptoms - not the cause. The mold will return. NuLife Resources addresses the moisture issues and corrects them so the mold will not return.

Step 3: Contain infested areaS using advanced negative pressure containment systems

By utilizing the best technology in the industry we ensure the air is totally free of mold spores using state-of-the-art air scrubbing. All work is completely contained and your home is left clean.

Step 4: Remove mold and contaminated material

Our soda-blaster removes all contaminants, mold, and mildew without the use of toxic chemicals. We also use a mold resistant coating to treat surfaces, providing additional protection and inhibiting the return of mold growth.

Step 5: Inspect and document all areas at completion

Upon completion of mold removal, we’ll run a thorough inspection and cross-check all remediated zones to be certain we have removed all the mold and left your home a clean, healthy place. As a final safeguard we will contact a NYS License Mold Assessor for final clearance. WE HAVE NEVER FAILED A CLEARANCE TEST!

Our 30-year guarantee speaks for the quality of our work and how much we care about your satisfaction. Contact us today and let us restore to you the joy of a healthy home.

Guys were great, on time and explained everything in detail! They even took pics and video of our job in progress.

- Walt Robak